NOVEMBER 20, 2019
Dynasty Typewriter - The Hayworth Theater, Los Angeles CA

Kaitlin struggles to make decisions as the voices in her head each have an opinion about which direction to go in. She wonders where these voices come from and which one is her own. In this sound-based shadow play, Kaitlin looks at the Mermaid as a symbol of someone who is trying to please opposing parts of herself. If the Mermaid falls in love with a human and makes the decision to move to the city, will the fish part of her always miss the sea?

Kaitlin Prest (performer), Natalie Prest (performer), Sharon Mashihi (editor), Alexandra Pinel (producer), Scout Wodehouse (consulting director), AJ Moultrie (audio/visual), Mo Laborde (audio/visual), Alex Free (photographer & videographer), Cristina Isabel Rivera (photo & video editor)

I want somebody to be in charge of me. I want to be in charge. I want to be powerful. I want to destroy myself. I believe in utopia. I think utopia is naive.

for knowledge and magic.